Add a photo

Thank you for contributing to Picnooga.  Each and every photograph and artifact is an important piece of Chattanooga’s story, and we appreciate your valuable contribution.

All donations need to be scheduled for digitization by the Chattanooga History Center.  This is the best way to ensure an archival level of quality control in the digitalization process.  If you have an item or items you’d like to donate digital copies, please email your name, phone number and the photos to  It is recommended that you include lower resolution scans or cellphone photos for evaluation.  If you have questions about the process, you may email us at, or click on the frequently asked questions below for answers.  *Donors will receive back all original copies and digital scans of their photos.

I live in another state. Can I still donate digital copies?

Yes.  Please email us. Regardless of your location, we’ll make it work.

How old do my photos have to be?

We’ll take photos from the early to mid 1800s up to about 2000.

Can I donate film or my home movies to be digitally archived and copied?

Yes. Through a special arrangement with the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound we can transfer most formats of film into a digital format. However, you must donate a physical copy of your footage to TAMIS to be stored in their temperature controlled archives in Knoxville, TN.  In return they will provide a digital copy.

Will I lose the rights to my photos when I donate?

No.  Digital images are used for educational purposes only.  There is a formality of a “Deed of Gift” document.  Rights can be discussed at the time of your appointment.

How will you use my photos?

Digital copies of images are cataloged and added to the Chattanooga History Center’s database.  They may be used online, in articles or in social media posts.  Whenever possible, we cite the origin of all of our content.