Please help us reach the finish line to our funding needs through the end of 2017.  We’ve already raised more than $8,000, which has provided a much-needed infrastructure to scan and confidence to accept physical donations. We’ve also purchased much-needed preservation materials and made some one-of-a-kind acquisitions.

Over the past two years, we’ve introduced over 2,200 items into our collection and have shared many of these on social media.  We require an additional $2,250, which will go to cataloging photographs and other collected historical items so there’s an online central database with extended information and research.  Our free and open database will use the same catalog system used by UTC Special Collections and the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Picnooga is an all-volunteer organization.  Every cent goes to securing, preserving, and sharing local history.

$2,400 of $2,250 raised
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Donation Total: $10