Founded in 2014, Picnooga began as a grassroots effort to crowdsource a new layer of scattered, hidden, and forgotten imagery to reveal rare moments from Chattanooga’s past. Since then we’ve collected over 1,200 historical items and are getting ready to make our collection accessible online.

Picnooga’s growing historical collections are comprised of physical and digital assets. Our collecting focus is local photography but we also have a large collection of ephemera and a small collection of objects.

Since 2014 we’ve introduced over 1,200 items into our archive and encouraged thousands of items for donation and preservation to local organizations. We believe that even the smallest of items contributes to the larger and a connective story of Chattanooga’s past.

In 2016 we began a crowdfunding campaign to catalog our collections online. That archive will be available before the end of 2017.  For now, most of our finds are accessible on our Facebook page.

The majority of our funding comes from the public. But we’ve also run into project sponsorship opportunities from The UNFoundation, EPB, River City Company, and Epson.

We need your continued support to grow. Visit and give a gift of $10 or more to help sustain Picnooga’s future cataloging and preservation efforts.