We are fortunate to have shared over 20,000 historical photographs over the internet since 2014. And now were are assembling our collection into one searchable free resource, which will soft-launch at the end of 2020.

Our cataloging will continue through 2021 until every item can be rescanned and photographed with a historical context added. And although we’re busy updating our collection, we encourage the public to donate historical items to Picnooga for inclusion into the archive.

Until then, many of the images of the collection are available on our Facebook page. And over 26,000 searchable historic Chattanooga newspaper pages can be found here.

If you’ve seen the film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, you might remember the very last scene as a crated Ark of the Covenant is pushed on a dolly down the aisles of a massive warehouse until it disappears from view. Our grassroots in digital preservation has well-positioned ourselves to share nearly 100% of the items we collect. And although some objects have their limitations because of size or financial resources needed to scan or photograph special items, it’s our promise to make accessible as much of our collection as possible.


“We bring local history to the surface and make it available to everyone.”


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