Posted 3/19/2020

Collections Manager

28 hours/week
On-site: Chattanooga, TN
Annual Compensation: $22k (1/y contract)

Essential Duties:

Collections Management
Ensure organization and maintenance of collections
Digital Preservation: Scan and photograph incoming and objects in the queue, maintaining our online collections management database
Maintain donor and accession records for existing and incoming objects and archival materials, including cataloging and researching provenance
Provide support for digital image requests and licensingPreventive Conservation
Assess collections storage spaces and implement improvements

Other Job Duties:

Research Assistance
Respond to incoming research requests
Develop a strong knowledge of the contents of the archive and working knowledge of the Chattanooga Historical Society and Picnooga
Oversee access to CHS collections by researchers and visitors


Prepare a monthly report detailing collections activities
Help recruit, train, and oversee collections interns and volunteers
Participate in CHS fundraising activities, public programs, and events as required
Assist in preparing grant applications and developing projects for proposals
Other duties as required

Desired Skills:

Adobe Photoshop and digital photo editing
Digital photography
Digital audio editing


Minimum Education and Experience:

A bachelor’s degree from a college or university with a degree in museum studies, public history, history, or a related field

Required Qualifications:

Experience with online Collections Management Software
Knowledge of collections management policies and best practices
Experience with historical research; strong writing, editing, project management skills, with the ability to initiate and effectively collaborate on projects

Physical Capabilities Required:

Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs

To Apply:

Please submit a cover letter and resume to

Picnooga is an equal opportunity employer. We cherish diversity with a commitment to creating an inclusive work environment.


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