The Earl Freudenberg Media Archive

Earl’s legacy spans over 50 years in broadcasting. He recently donated over 500 audio cassettes of radio interviews that need to be digitized. It will cost $3,500 for the entire collection to transferred and made available online.

Contact us to help sponsor the preservation of this important collection.

The following are samples of five of his shows as recorded (Some shows may be preempted by other programming.) A very special thanks to Bradley Reeves at the Appalachian Media Archives for digitizing these broadcasts.

Danny Davis Interview 5/19/1987 (Side A)
Danny Davis Interview 5/19/1987 (Side B)
“Old Grocery Stores” 1989 (Side A)
“Old Grocery Stores” 1989 (Side B)
Marilyn Lloyd and Zack Wamp 10/14/1992 (Side A)
Marilyn Lloyd and Zack Wamp 10/14/1992 (Side B)
Hey Earl! 9/5/1999 (Side A)
Hey Earl! 9/5/1999 (Side B)
“Old Furniture Stores” 2000 (Side A)
“Old Furniture Stores” 2000 (Side B)

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