Since 2014, our “little” photography project has challenged itself to expand the online knowledge base and provide open and free access to Chattanooga area history.  This undertaking was born by sharing a few borrowed images on social media and has evolved into a fledgling institution with a physical location in Downtown Chattanooga, a part-time curator, and an expanding archive.  

We’ve remained mindful of our grassroots origins and a guerilla approach to building Picnooga as a recognizable brand within our community.  As we take on additional responsibilities as the Chattanooga Historical Society, we’ll continue the tradition of providing Chattanoogans with the thrill of an extemporaneous treasure hunt that’s been at the core of our success.

We are ready to do more in our new role to boost our reach and engage new audiences. 

We are ready to do more to develop programs that underscore the diversity of Chattanooga’s cultural DNA and elevate stories that otherwise go unexplored.

We are ready to do more to represent Chattanooga’s unique belonging with its history and culture.

Our History:

The foundation for the Chattanooga Historical Society began in January of 2014 as Picnooga, a grassroots effort to expand Chattanooga’s historical online footprint. Due to overwhelming public support and many successful crowdfunding campaigns, the project cultivated thousands of photographs, documents, and artifacts from Chattanooga’s past. Its collection has been shared and made freely accessible for historical research and reference.

In 2020, the Picnooga effort incorporated a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and established the Chattanooga Historical Society. In August 2021, the Society opened a community-accessible storefront and collections archive on East 7th Street in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Our Mission:

We bring Chattanooga’s history to the surface, making it accessible to everyone.

Our Vision:

Boost our efforts to collect, preserve, share, and interpret Chattanooga’s history while creating a statewide model for digital access to local history. 

Our Values:

We believe…

An active local historical presence strengthens community self-awareness and identity

Local history is an essential economic and cultural asset

Shared history builds a stronger community

We are committed to:

Preserving Chattanooga’s regional history and culture

Presenting an accurate and unbiased view of local history

Connecting the public with dynamic educational opportunities and resources

Embracing partnerships and being an active contributor to our community

Equity and Inclusion:

We embrace an inclusive approach to telling Chattanooga’s story, believing that history cannot be confined to a single narrative or point of view.


A foundational goal is to provide access to everyone, employing various educational methods and technology to enable all people an opportunity to experience an open connection with local history.


Lindsay Stuber (Curator of Collections)

Lindsay Stuber joins the Chattanooga Historical Society from Rock Hill, S.C., where she has worked for Historic Rock Hill, a historic preservation nonprofit that owns and operates an 1830s house museum. There, she acted as Program and Preservation director, overseeing the museum and archive, acting as exhibit director, social media manager, and program specialist.

She has lectured on various topics related to Rock Hill and South Carolina history, and more recently, Ms. Stuber oversaw the Fort Mill History Museum collection.

She is a graduate of the College of Charleston with a BA in Historic Preservation and Community Planning with an emphasis in history.


“We bring local history to the surface and make it available to everyone.”


Picnooga is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity. Copyright © 2022– Chattanooga Historical Society. All rights reserved.