Historic Cemetery Preservation Workshops

In collaboration with the Pleasant Garden Cemetery and the African American Cemetery Preservation Fund, we’re sponsoring workshops on cleaning and best practices preservation techniques for the public. Our first event was in April of 2022, and when the weather gets cooler, we’ll be sponsoring more workshops this fall.

Our hope is to encourage an educated army of citizen preservationists to help in an organized effort towards the perpetual care of the many historical cemeteries in the Chattanooga area. This includes work with Pleasant Garden Cemetery. Pleasant Garden Cemetery was organized in March 1891 and sat on 17 acres. It was promoted as the first privately owned Black cemetery in Tennessee.

The Chattanooga Story Project

The Chattanooga Story Project is an oral history initiative to capture local stories on digital audio.

The project aims to produce archival-quality first-hand oral accounts focusing on varied historical topics and events in the Scenic City’s past.

Each subject will be selected to discuss memories relative to a chosen era or their participation or witnessing a local historical event.

When the individual segments are published online, the public can comment, reflect, and analyze the stories. Apply now.

The Brazelton Project

Horace Brazelton was an African American photographer that worked in Chattanooga from 1903 to his death in the 1950s. This project will elevate his story and contribution to the Black community.

We also hope to uncover more of Brazeleton’s work to expand his legacy and footprint in Chattanooga’s cultural history.

The Earl Freudenberg Media Archive

Earl’s legacy spans over 50 years in broadcasting. He recently donated over 500 audio cassettes of radio interviews that need to be digitized. The cost is $3,500 to have them transferred and preserved using the best digital archival best practices.

The University of Chattanooga Football Films

In early 2020 we acquired twenty-four professionally shot 16MM films of college football games from the 1950s and 1960s. We’ve digitized a few on the onset of vinegar syndrome but are seeking $700 to digitize the rest.


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